3 Essential Products That Can Help To Improve Your Dental Health

How your teeth look and feel plays a big role in your smile. In addition, unhealthy teeth can cause pain and other oral issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay. Over time, this can lead to costly dental repairs. That being said, taking care of your dental health is the best way to achieve […]

Foods That Can Damage Your Oral Health

Visiting a dentist, brushing, and flossing help to maintain good oral health. However, these activities alone cannot contribute to good results. What you consume also plays a major role in your oral health. For instance, if you consume foods high in sugar, the bacteria in the mouth will break them down to produce acid. Acid […]

Are Sweets And Ice Really Bad For My Teeth?

When it comes to our teeth, we all want to keep them healthy and strong. However, with sweets and ice, these popular treats are bad and can rot your teeth over time. Sugary drinks can hurt your teeth because they contain high levels of sucrose which bacteria readily convert to plaque and dental decay. If […]


Cavity prevention methods, including dental brushing and flossing, are great when used regularly; however, getting to the back molars can be difficult. The chewing surface of molars is rough, uneven, and deeply grooved, making it easy for food and bacteria to become lodged in these teeth. However, dental sealants are a viable option to help […]

Top Reasons Of Eating Apple Fruit To Your Oral Health

The saying is true: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is true for dentists. It is recommendable to eat fruits and vegetables in place of sugary foods. This ensures that your mouth does not have all the conditions necessary for making plaque. This is propagated by alcohol, tobacco, and soft drinks. Most […]

How is Acid A Common Oral Health Problem?

Acid reflux is a widespread issue that affects many people. Reflux is characterized by heartburn, which is pain in the middle of the chest that occurs after eating. Acid reflux harms the soft tissue that surrounds the esophagus, which has an effect on it. The relationship between acid reflux and dental health will be explained […]

Importance Of Flossing

Many say flossing feels awkward and icky, which is why they don’t do it. They claim that brushing their teeth is enough. Yet, brushing doesn’t remove all stuck food particles. Therefore, despite brushing frequently, you might still develop dental problems if you don’t floss daily. Read on to discover the importance of flossing: Remove Plaque […]

Why Do I Need a Bone Graft?

The jaw needs to be grafted when there has been bone loss. This kind of operation is usually carried out in advance of the insertion of dental implants or when surrounding teeth are badly affected by bone loss. Where there has been bone loss in the jaw, bone transplants are utilized to restore volume and […]

Are X-rays Really Necessary Every Year

An x-ray is a simple test done to view your body’s internal organs. This uses electromagnetic waves which are a form of radiation. The pictures shown when an x-ray is conducted are in white and black. This is due to different absorption of waves by different tissues. High density causes the parts to appear white […]

Why Should I Fix Missing Teeth?

Teeth play an important role in our daily habits. It allows us to smile confidently, chew and bite foods without issues. But sometimes, when they are neglected, they can be infected, which eventually makes us lose our teeth. Other common problems that can cause tooth loss are cavities, tooth decay, and sometimes injuries caused by […]