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Reasons Why You Need to Replace Even One Missing Tooth

Posted on 2/10/2019 by Giri Palani
Reasons Why You Need to Replace Even One Missing ToothYou've lost a tooth. Fortunately, it isn't in the front of your mouth so that you can't really see it, so you think you can get by without replacing it.

Besides, people only replace missing teeth for cosmetic reasons, right? Wrong! There are many reasons that you'll want to replace even one missing tooth.

Shifting Teeth

When you lose a tooth – even a single tooth – the surrounding teeth may start to shift. They often gravitate toward the gap, and they can ultimately shift the rest of the teeth out of alignment. Your formerly straight smile may suddenly look like a mouth full of crooked teeth. Visiting us quickly after you lose your teeth can replace the missing tooth before any movement occurs.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

If your teeth start to shift out of alignment, a crooked smile isn't all you'll have to worry about. Another concern is that it will be harder to brush and floss, and this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. When plaque and bacteria accumulate and aren't removed, decay and gum disease can lead to even further tooth loss.

Changing Facial Shape

A missing tooth can lead to deterioration of the underlying jaw bone. That's why dental implants are often recommended for replacement of lost teeth. When the jawbone isn't stimulated by a tooth root, bone deterioration can alter the shape of your face.

A Beautiful Smile

A blow to the face, a severe cavity, or gum disease may leave you with a missing front tooth, and when this problem occurs, you'll probably be anxious to replace it. With bridges and other restorations, you can restore your smile to its beautiful, former glory.

Do you have a tooth that needs to be replaced? If so, give our office a call to discuss your options.
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