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How to Hold a Loose Tooth in Place While Rushing to the Dentist

Posted on 12/10/2017 by Giri Palani
Loose Tooth Palani Center for Dental Implants CA 90275-1434
To answer it simply, you don't hold a loose tooth. In fact, you should not touch or move it until you get to a dentist. However, this is different for children and for adults.

Having a loose tooth, depending on the age of the person having it, can be nature just taking the right course or a very serious dental concern. Having loose teeth is normal for children since their bodies, especially their teeth and gums, are still developing.

For adults, around the ages of 21 and above, this may mean a splinter or even some tooth extraction. Depending on the reason and the looseness of the teeth, the time you need to meet the dentist can be sooner, later, or even have no need to visit the specialist at all. For children, having them chew and eat softer food could help them, but for adults, this is much more complex.

What Causes My Teeth to Go Loose?

There are a lot of factors as to why a tooth may get loose. One is due to constant grinding or clenching your teeth. This may be due to an overbite or an overjet, or just plain old unconscious behavior. Regardless as to why you grind your teeth, this action loosens the bonds between the nerves, roots and the tooth itself with your gums.

Another much less healthier reason is due to periodontal diseases, most commonly known as gum diseases. This happens when plaque gets under the tooth roots and into your gums, causing an infection and abscess, leading to very loose teeth.

What dentists can do is to do a tooth splinting operation, where the loose teeth are stabilized by placing a cemented splint for you. They can also advise you to wear night guards, for those who grind their teeth, and for the more serious ones, a root canal and medication. Schedule an appointment with us and let us help you deal with your dental problems.

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